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Mission Statement:

To engage in civil, enlightened debate on what political direction is best for the United States, promote a better understanding of conservative/libertarian principals and effectively express them to others in a thoughtful and insightful way.  Liberty Relearned’s goal is to help bring back liberty as the chief American value and to counter the misleading and destructive rhetoric of the far-left in America.

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  1. “We the People of the United States” are in the midst of a most divisive political campaign in a country that seems stalled in the progress and leadership with which our Founders envisioned and launched this great experiment. For over two hundred twenty-five years the United States has grown and prospered—enhancing freedom and creativity. How, then, would be a way to restart and invigorate that heritage? This is the headline which most threatens our future in the world.

    There is a way forward to a solution: to remind ourselves of America’s mission in the world.

    The fifty-two words that head the U.S. Constitution set the Promise our Founders made with eloquence and foresight for this new Nation that has enabled this nation to grow and prosper over some two hundred twenty-five years. These words that constitute the Preamble state our national purpose, the PROMISE AMERICA made to itself and to the world.

    Is there anything missing here from constituting the basis for the national discussion and focus to enable us to reunite around purpose, direction, and responsibility?

    Doesn’t “We the People” provide the basis for our political authority and our sacred trust?

    Isn’t “in Order to form a more perfect Union” a charge to all the people by all the people for all the people?

    Isn’t “establish Justice” fair and equal treatment of and by all the people under the law?

    Isn’t “insure domestic Tranquility” about the everyday lives of all the people?

    Isn’t “provide for the common defence” of all by all about protection from hostile attack?

    Isn’t “promote the general Welfare” about abundance for the able and assistance for those who are not?

    Isn’t “and secure the Blessings of Liberty” the gift of nature given to everyone?

    Isn’t “to ourselves and our Posterity” for all generations to come?

    Isn’t “do ordain and establish this Constitution” set forth the supreme law of the land?

    Isn’t “for the United States of America” for every person that lives within the reach of its law?

    Don’t the President, the Congress and the Supreme Court all swear by taking their oath of office to support and defend the Constitution?

    What then is missing? Where is our political leadership and what have they promised and not delivered? What are those who would aspire to leadership or who want to remain in their positions promising? What are we waiting for?

    It is proposed that both political parties and each presidential candidate as well as all those running for public office should take a pause, hit the reset button, pledge their strong support for the Preamble, and begin immediately to link all discussion of campaign issues to the standards of performance it sets.

    The essence of political argument, then, would begin to shift to the center of our being as a nation. The mission of the nation would return to the clearer view as set forth in the Preamble.
    Negotiated solutions to once seemingly intractable problems would become more possible. The strength of the numbers that make up “We the People” would begin solidifying and force the return to those basics that form the underlying strength.

    What would be some hoped for results of this effort?
    The security of our freedom in the world would become more realistic.
    • There would be more respect for America amid the angry constituents in this nation and among our enemies.

    See: ThePromiseAmericaBlog.com
    Arthur Rashap

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