The faulty rational of persistent #nevertrump’ers

Election 2016While the primaries were in full-swing, it made sense for movement conservatives to speak out against Donald Trump.  He made many a comment that would have ended the campaign of any other Republican.  His statements about Senator McCain immediately turned off many a patriotic conservative.  He made statement after controversial statement and yet his popularity with the working man only increased.  His has policies were all over the political map, some being conservative, some to the left of even Hillary, mostly all of them populist.  He was outmatched in knowledge about foreign affairs by nearly all of his opponents.  His near absolute ban on Muslims was completely unworkable, but since then has been refined away from populism to pragmatism.  He’s also made it a point to surround himself with foreign policy and military experts.  Still, there were preferable alternatives who showed greater aptitude for conservatism, and who had nearly mistake-free campaigns.

Marco Rubio had great foreign policy credentials. Carly Fiorina also proved herself equal to any of her rivals in that department and focused like a laser beam on Hillary from the beginning.  Senator Cruz has the support of the Constitutionalists and had by far the best ground game of any of the candidates, rivaled only possibly by the Clinton machine.   This was to finally be the year of the movement conservative.  What none of them realized, was that the white, non-college educated working man had abandoned the Republican party two elections ago. With no popular support for so-called ‘establishment’ Republicans (read Jeb Bush) and young, intelligent candidates who could speak the language of conservatism fluently, this election was to be the era of Regan reborn.  The problem was, the average American spoke the language of not conservatism, but populism.   Trump, like his followers, feels free to cherry-pick from any political school of thought, conservatism, nationalism, populism, and even liberalism.  In short, Trump followed former Republican constituency to where it wanted to go.

Everyone knows the result, Trump won the nomination.  the #nevertrump crowd now had (and still has) a decision to make, reluctantly follow the new GOP standard-bearer, for all his flaws, or stick with Republican and  conservative orthodoxy. As Trump filled in the gaps of his foreign affairs and military knowledge, and softened on some of his more problematic stances on immigration, the opposition of many Republicans against him softened.  Little by little, Republican diehards resigned themselves to the reality that it was Trump or bust.  Others though, convinced of the certainty of a Trump loss, and fearful of down-ballot losses stubbornly dug in their heels on the subject of never Trump, even to the point of actively undermining his candidacy.

Reluctant, even stoic support for Trump is to be expected and understandable.  He is not the second coming of Reagan, but the first coming of Trump.  Those who insist on ideological purity won’t find it in this GOP candidate.  Those who had fought hard to rehabilitate the Republican Party’s image after losing virtually all of the black and most of the Latino vote four years ago find themselves besides themselves with frustration in their candidate.  He is their candidate though, and for all his shortcomings with regards to many conservative principles and a maddening lack of political sense, is still better for America in many ways then his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

The key is to show that while Trump says controversial things, Hillary has done, time and again, many things that were deeply dishonest, maybe even illegal.  While Trump’s thoughts get him into hot water, Hillary’s actual deeds (or occasional lack of) have gotten Americans killed or put in jeopardy.  While critics can theorize about Trump being bad, we have proof positive that Hillary would be worse.  Evidence of her corruption is well documented.  We don’t have to wonder how she would govern, she would turn America into her own personal fife, and we her serfs, existing only to provide her and her sycophants  with wealth.  On the subject of Supreme Court appointees alone, there is no real choice for the constitutionalist that wants a Scalia type justice on the Court.

There is no chance of Trump being replaced as GOP nominee, any talk to the contrary is pure fantasy. There is no realistic chance of someone not from the Republican or Democratic parties becoming our next president.  Even if the #nevertrump crowd could come up with a candidate with the financial means to do so, it’s too late to get him or her on the ballot in many states.  So why does anyone claiming to be a Republican seek not to simply withhold support, but actively act to undermine his campaign?  They are ideologues, but ones who fail to understand that under a Hillary presidency, none of their conservative initiatives will come to be.  Clinton will enact her liberal, even socialist policies.  If she can’t get her agenda done under a Republican Congress, the Democrats will appeal to the American sometimes pathological need to just “get things done” regardless what that actually means.  Republican control of Congress his hardly guaranteed.  Democrats are already counting on the fact that the Republicans were put into power on Capitol Hill for the express reason of stopping the liberal Obama agenda.  Whatever political victories Hillary can garner, she will lock in by appointing active judges and an ever-growing, compliant regulatory machine.

The never Trump crowd has fooled themselves that in four years, they will get a do-over if Trump loses and finally undo the Obama/Clinton agenda.  It won’t happen, what they dont’ realize is this election may be the last one for America as a true constitutional democracy.  The next election, should Clinton win, will be more like those in the democratic-socialist countries of Western Europe– mere referendums on how quickly or slowly to descend into the socio-economic oblivion, and who will go out on top. The fact is, regardless of how much the conservative true believer would rather not, there is no real choice when it comes to any meaningful governmental reform.  There is only one candidate that will appoint justices that will respect the letter and spirit of the Constitution.  There is only one candidate with a pro-growth agenda, only one candidate that will turn America away from an otherwise certain, yes certain, move toward a single-payer healthcare system.  Like it or not, the only viable choice, for all his shortcomings, is Donald Trump.

There I said it.


No shortage of constituents

Election 2016So, you hear what’s going on in places like Texas and North Carolina with edicts from the governmental left about transgender bathrooms and such.  You wonder why all the concern about trans-gendered bathrooms all of a sudden.  Then on top of that you hear that they represent .3% of the population.  That’s three people in a thousand that can even possibly be affected.  So why this issue and why now?  Simple, it was their turn.

The modern Democrat M.O. is to identify a subset of Americans, find their grievance (or invent one on their behalf) and advocate for it.  They missed the biggest group, African-Americans.  They were on the wrong side of the slavery issue, and later they were on the wrong side of the civil-rights for blacks issue.  They’ve been trying to make up for it ever since. Problem is, despite what the left would have you think, there just aren’t a lot of victims left out there, none that are suffering due to a lack of sufficient laws anyhow.

With all of the more egregious forms of discrimination either disappearing or illegal, Democrats are forced to seek out more and more exotic victim groups.  They’ve gone though the L’s, the G’s, the B’s and are now have worked their way to the T’s.  After that, it will be some other group. It may be some group that you didn’t even realize existed, much less required advocacy.  One thing is for sure though, there will always be another victim-constituency.  For Democrats to survive, there has to be.  The great irony is that sooner or later, they will be advocating for some new victim group that they themselves have created.  Now that Christians are being exterminated in the Middle East they could even make the list.  War on Coal picHillary Clinton now seems to be interested in giving unemployed former coal miners green jobs.  Of course the only reason they are out of work and thus “victims” in the first place is because of the oppressive regulations that are destroying the coal industry.

There is hope then, even if we elect another Democrat president.  Eventually, the Democratic left will have destroyed so many segments of America that every special interest group, even those currently out of favor, will enjoy victim status.  When that time comes, the Democrats will be ready to swoop in and save the day.  Who knows?  Maybe they’ll even make a victim-constituency out of conservative bloggers and their readers.  We can only hope.

Liberty Relearned, Year One


LR turns 1
April 6th, 2016 is the first anniversary of Liberty Relearned!

The Liberty Relearned Mission Statement:

To engage in civil, enlightened debate on what political direction is best for the United States, promote a better understanding of conservative/libertarian principals and effectively express them to others in a thoughtful and insightful way.  Liberty Relearned’s goal is to help bring back liberty as the chief American value and to counter the misleading and destructive rhetoric of the liberal statist crowd in America.

A year ago, after a long time watching America drift ever further from her roots of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness I saw some very troubling things happening to my country and society.  The Supreme Court had ruled that it was indeed lawful for a government to mandate its citizens engage in commerce through the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. The IRS had been used as a weapon against the Tea Party and other similar organizations.  In Washington, D.C., the President closed off and denied access to the WWII Memorial to the very veterans it honored just to turn the public sentiment against his opponents in Congress who were attempting to restore fiscal sanity to government.   I had wondered if the ideas of liberty and personal freedom hadn’t become passé, a quaint notion from a now bygone era.

Even more alarming was seeing the younger generation of Americans gravitate towards destructive ideas such as Socialism and Authoritarianism.  This generation, never having known such things as Cold War, the Reagan Revolution, being even farther removed from such things as the ‘space race’, WWII and the Marshal plan than my generation, seemed to be unaware of the things that made and continued to make America great.  Having never personally experienced any existential threat to its loss, many of them seemed to take things like freedom and liberty for granted.  Having never seen some of our greatest moments, they forgot or never even learned about something called American Exceptionalism.

What then, could a single person of modest means do to help turn the tide away from collectivism, progressivism, and just plan ignorance?  What could I do to help bring back the values that our Founding Fathers believed to be so important that they laid their lives and their fortunes on the line for?  Some people are blessed with skills of oratory, some are natural leaders, and some others have charisma.  I was blessed with a certain skill in writing and design.  There was really one avenue that I felt offered me my best chance to communicate my love of things like capitalism, Americanism, and personal freedom—a year ago this week I started this blog.

It’s now 52 weeks and many posts later, and I’m still working, still believing, still teaching, still learning.   A special thanks goes to you, the reader for joining me in this endeavor.  Here then is to another 365 days of us, in our own ways and voices, pursuing a common goal of helping to bring back liberty as a primary American value.

-JP Mac


Quick Thoughts, 3/22/16

Quick Thoughts EagleThe two completely different Anti-Trump movements

Anti-Trump protesters come in two breeds:  Conservatives who are for the First Amendment and the democratic process, and Liberals who aren’t. Republicans that don’t feel like Trump represents their beliefs and/or can’t win the general election and want to nominate someone else.  Their energies are focused on beating him a the ballot box, or at least the convention.  The other group is the far-left.  They really don’t feel like Trump represents their beliefs and are afraid that he just might win the general election.  They are not interested in beating him at the ballot box, they are interested in stopping him by any means necessary, including denying others their rights to freedom of speech or freedom of assembly.  They bear the ironic name ‘liberals’, though there is really very liberal about what they are about.  True liberals are for freedom, these liberals a liberal in name only.  Maybe we need to come up with a new name, a more befitting name, like Progressives, or better yet, Fascists.

Stating the obvious:  ISIS is committing genocide.

Thank you Secretary Kerry, thank you President Obama, for finally stating the obvious. After years of wantonly killing everyone they could not subscribing to their hateful brand of Islam, especially Christians, Yezidis and Shia Muslims, the U.S. has officially declared this genocide.  Apparently, the Obama Administration had to make sure that actually calling what ISIS was doing genocide had no further legal implications for the U.S., like actually stopping it.  To be fair, we have been battling them, just not with the clear objective of stopping the genocide before it becomes complete.  Recognizing there is a problem is the first step in solving it.  Better late than never, unless of course, you’re already among the dead.

Kasich the Spoiler

Call it vanity, call if a fool’s hope, but Governor John Kasich remains in the race to the Republican nomination even though he has no path to victory at the ballot box.  He could not win the nomination even if he were to win every remaining state.  His only hope is for a contested convention.  His only hope is that the establishment picks him over two candidates with more popular support within the party.  Among the parties that stand to benefit by him staying in the race are Trump Supporters and the Democratic Party .  Don’t expect any Sanders supporters or Soros sycophants to disrupt his events, they love it that he stays in the race.

Should we not turn from the course we’re on…

Election 2016

Imagine America continuing on her present course.  What would that look like in 5-10 years?  What if the fundamental transformation started by President Obama were to be locked in and even expanded upon?  The number of entitlement programs and our national debt would explode.  Our military would lose its ability to serve as a deterrent. Our sphere of influence would diminish, as the spheres of those who don’t have America’s best interests in mind would expand.  The culture we refer to as “Americana” would cease to exist, replaced by a perverted, dystopic version of itself.

One thing is clear from listening to the Democratic contenders, the number of things that Americans have a “right to” would go off the charts.  They assert that everyone has a right to free healthcare.  The planned obsolescence of Obamacare would serve as an excuse and opportunity to move to a single-payer system.  Higher education would become a right.  Someone would have to pay for that, and of course it would be the wealthy, who the left claim don’t pay their fair share.  Of course, progressives have named themselves as the arbiters of fair share.  Every special interest group that the Democrats pander to have something they want in exchange for votes.  Whatever they want, will quickly be deemed a ‘right’.

“Doing more with less,” has long been the mantra for military planners.  Under continued liberal leadership, that may soon become “doing not enough with less than adequate”.   The left has always been skeptical of the military.  While progressives increasing declare there is no military solution to the worlds problem, other countries will have no problem with enacting military solutions, even if our allies, or possibly even our own forces are on the wrong end of their solution.  Weakness is provocative.  If the world seems a dangerous place, just wait until our adversaries become emboldened. Expect a Crimea or Syria every year.

The President during his last State of the Union address told us that terrorist organizations while a danger to the region, don’t pose an existential treat to us.  This is based upon fallacious logic.  He derides their power to harm us because they drive around in pickup trucks equipped with machine guns.  The notion is completely wrong.  It’s wrong because it assumes that an existential threat can only manifest itself militarily.  A German citizen might tell you different.  Germany is facing a very real existential threat from a horde of migrants from the Middle East who refuse to assimilate.  More than that, they expect the host nation to change their culture to accommodate them.  Some of these so-called refugees have taken to violent means as witnessed by the attack in Paris last year.  The vast majority of migrants have arguably been much more effective in supplanting Western culture without force of arms.  New Year’s Eve celebrations were marred by scores of sexual assaults, even rapes.   Now there is open talk in Germany recommending that native German women alter the way they dress and act as to not provoke more attacks from Middle Eastern men.  Sharia law has become the de facto local law in parts of France.  When countries are forced to make fundamental changes to their culture it suit an alien one, the existential treat can be said to have succeeded.

We can extrapolate from the past and see our fate as suffered in the present by other countries well enough to forecast what an America dominated by Progressive thought and rule would look like. We know what happens when we expand the entitlement state—more debt, less choice.  Last year, Greece was brought to the brink of bankruptcy by progressives promising more than the state can afford to gain votes.  We know what happens when a superpower allows it influence to wane, others come in to fill the void.  We can see in real time, the very identity of countries being altered under the crush of multiculturism.  Migrants who assimilate into their adopted country’s culture make that country stronger.  When this not the case, that country as it has existed, maybe for centuries, gets swallowed up by the alien one.  The history of the world is replete with examples of this. From ancient Greece, to Rome, to Russia under the Tartar yolk, to the Spanish conquistadores in Latin America, cultures without the will or strength to survive are subsumed by those who do.   Turn on your TV and you can see the beginnings of this, not on the History channel, but on the evening news.  Like Scrooge in the Christmas Carol, we have been shown a glimpse of our possible future.  Will we be moved as he to change our collective direction, back to what we were as better people, or will we sleepwalk into the liberal abyss?  The good news is it’s not too late yet to change, but the first Wednesday in November will be.

Jack O’ Lanterns Scare Climate Change Liberals

Jack O' Lantern
Jack O’ Lantern

Though their origins are Irish, Jack O’ Lanterns have become a distinctly American symbol of Halloween.  They’re meant to scare away spirits on All Hallowed’s Eve.  They also scare some of the living, namely climate change alarmists. Yes, the Department of Energy has determined that the scary, hand carved gourds are not environmentally correct.

According to the Department of Energy website:

“With the passing of Halloween, millions of pounds of pumpkins have turned from seasonal decorations to trash destined for landfills, adding to more than 254 million tons of municipal solid waste produced in the United States every year,” the agency warns. “This Halloween, think of turning this seasonal waste into energy as a very important ‘trick’ that can have a positive environmental and energy impact.”

Think about that.  Forget for a minute whether or not you agree with the concept of man-made climate change, or the specific science behind the statement.  Consider that someone in the Department of Energy, at some point evidently looked at a Jack O’ Lantern and made a conscious decision to try to tie the beloved holiday decoration to climate change.  Not only that, but some communities are attempting to ban Halloween costume parades in schools.  Their rational: Some kids might feel left out.  Really?  What kids?  If they feel excluded, it will be because of self-imposed exclusion.

Is it really cynical to see this as further evidence that the left has a pathological need to destroy all western traditions, particularly those uniquely American?

For decades now, the left has fought a war against Christmas.  They fight against public displays of the American flag.  (Forget about flying a Confederate flag!)  They fight against displaying the Ten Commandments in public places. They fight against even fallen warrior memorials.  Columbus Day?  We might just as well celebrate Hitler Day in the eyes of the militant Progressive. Now they have turned their sights on Halloween, a holiday only celebrated as such in America.  Undoubtably, they will very soon get around to condemning Independence Day fireworks displays.  If the smoke from the fireworks isn’t identified as a pollutant, then there will be some other objection on the left.  They will, mark these words, use the “some will feel excluded” excuse.  Yes, it is likely that at some point in the near future, you will hear some on the left being critical of our nation’s birthday celebration, and the reason will be that some people will be either offended by blatant displays of American pride, or they will actually argue that immigrants in America, many American citizens, will feel alienated by fireworks, parades and flying the American flag.

Again, are these cynical views, or just canny predictions base upon trends in our current culture?  Mere casual observation over time shows that any tradition, holiday, or custom overtly identifiable as Christian or American in this country eventually finds itself in the crosshairs of the Secular Progressive crowd.  The more distinctly Christian or American a holiday or tradition is,  the more those on the left will seek to put an end to it.  In the mean time, happy Halloween!

Earth Day 2015…One more thought.

How does the large-scale redistribution of wealth clean the water and the air?
How does the large-scale redistribution of wealth clean the water and the air?

One more thought about Earth day and the environment.  There is so much talk about climate change, formerly global warming.  What ever happened to fighting pollution for the sake of having clean air and water? Seems to me, reducing pollution is its own reward.  So why focus on climate change alarmism?  Reducing pollution seems like a pretty straight forward proposition, if human activity creates waste, that waste should be disposed of in such a way as to not harm the environment.  It is something that can be measured, and often the benefits are immediately apparent.  I suspect this is why the Left  does not wish to keep the focus on cleaning the environment and why they prefer to talk about climate change.  They prefer us to subscribe to some malleable, nebulous theory that cannot easily be tested, and to enact “solutions” with no immediate payoff, no way to judge in a timely manner if the prescribed measures are working or not.  Climate change is deliberately hard to quantify, it is in fact almost completely subjective. I’ve never heard anyone explain just what the correct climate should be. The Left have appointed themselves the arbiters of climatological correctness.

They spread their dire predictions and declare an “emergency”.  We have to act now, before it’s too late they say. Could it be that they want us to act now, before we figure out their game?   Let me take a stab at it… I posit this theory:  They have decided that when certain measures have been put in place, they will declare the crisis averted.  Many of these “certain measures” they are calling for though have more to do with wealth redistribution than the actual control of pollution.  Apparently the act of wealthy nations giving money to the less wealthy ones, many of them with corrupt governments, will have a cleansing effect on our atmosphere.  Giving money to Al Gore and his friends will have a stabilizing effect on ocean temperatures.  It is a scam,  a shakedown.  The real urgency for the Left is getting gullible nations and corporations to go along with this before they figure out the swindle. Controlling pollution is fine, even necessary, but when you suggest the answer has something to do with the redistribution of wealth on a large-scale, you lose me.