Quick Thoughts 5/3/16

Easy come, easy go- out west.

Election 2016For the last couple of weeks presidential candidates have lavished attention on the Northeast.  Now the so called “Acela Primary” is over, the Northeast won’t see much of the candidates until June.  One June 7th, NJ will be one of the last states to hold a primary and it will mean something.  Don’t expect a lot of visits from GOP candidates to the Garden State though, they are already campaigning in California where the mother load of remaining delegates resides.  The Democrats want to spend time in a blue state, so seeing Bernie is a good bet.

Cruz-Kasich alliance?

The Cruz-Kasich alliance is better termed a mutual non-aggression pact. It’s true that Kasich didn’t call for his supporters to vote for Cruz to stop Trump in Indiana, but he did pull his operation out of Indiana in favor of more fertile grounds in Washington and New Mexico.  Some in the media were quick to call it a failure, the truth is we won’t know until those states vote, starting on Tuesday.

Fiorina on the ticket

On Wednesday, fresh off of a string of defeats in the northeast, Cruz stole a page from Trumps playbook and took control of the news cycle by coming out with a major announcement. That announcement was that he was naming Carly Fiorina as his running-mate. Fiorina was possibly the best possible choice- as she was already vetted and solidly on the Cruz team.  The job of a running mate during the election is to go after the opposing candidate.  That’s something that Carly has been doing since day one.  What’s more, she’s pretty good at it and can go on attack against Hillary Clinton without fear of the ‘war on women’ line being used on her.  Carly also has an organization in the state of California, a state that Cruz must do good in.  It was in the end, Cruz’s only move to prevent non-stop coverage of his five losses the day before was to name Fiorina as his VP, but it was a good one.


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