LR Podcast S3E2: Holes in the Mules?

(c) 2022

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Dinesh D’Souza has a great new movie out about alleged ballot trafficking in during the 2020 election called 2000 Mules. In the film he talks to members of the voter integrity watchdog group True the Vote.  TTV used the technology of geotracking, tracking someone’s movements though their cellphones.  TTV alleges that people called “mules” were paid to deliver harvested votes to drop boxes in various places, an act called vote trafficking, which is illegal. Vote trafficking is different than voter fraud in that fraud entails an element of deception.  Vote or ballot trafficking is the hiring of a person or persons to deliver ballots from one place to the ballot drop boxes.  Even in places where ballot harvesting is legal, (collecting votes not one’s own, usually from a large number of people) it is illegal to pay someone to do it or to pay them to stuff the ballot in a drop box.  

Watch 2000 Mules, a film by Dinesh D’Souza

An AP article entitled:  FACT FOCUS: Gaping holes in the claim of 2K ballot ‘mules’ Ali Swenson claims to poke holes in the 2000 Mules account of things.  Does it really?  The ‘holes’ read more as rationalizations than facts that debunk any of the movie’s claims.  One of the more ridiculous ‘holes’ the article claimed, is that people started wearing gloves when they dropped off ballots, not to keep their fingerprints off the ballots or drop boxes, but to keep their hands warm.  Do most people you know wear surgical gloves to keep their hands warm? We’re supposed to buy that excuse.  Any why by the way, were many of the people shown deliver handfuls of ballots in the middle of the night?  Are we supposed to believe that someone in one case, had an entire backpack full of ballots that were legally obtained by voters who couldn’t deliver them themselves? 

In summary, go see the movie, you can stream it or buy the DVD.  Buy it, watch it, and invite some friends.  It’s too late unfortunately, to affect the outcome of the 2020 election, but we have a very important election coming up in the fall of 22, and another in 24.  It’s critical that we put pressure on our elected leaders to be on the lookout for signs of vote trafficking schemes.  Either eliminate drop boxes altogether or at the very least, have them video surveilled 24/7 for the entire election season. We must have faith in our elections restored to everyone.  

Also, there was this little incident– a draft of a Supreme Court ruling, which if it stands, would overturn Roe v. Wade and remand abortion laws back to the states.  Wherever you fall on the issue of pro-life or pro-choice, you should be alarmed that a SCOTUS decision, for the first time in our history, was leaked.  It was apparently leaked for partisan purposes.  We cannot allow Justices to be intimidated into voting one way or another. Leaking decisions is not acceptable, period.  

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Stay happy, health, and free.

JP Mac

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