LR Podcast, S3E3: The leak heard ’round the world

(c) 2022
  • Have you seen 2000 Mules yet?  Go see it but listen to my podcast first!  
  • A UPI article dated 5/14/22 states that Jeff Bezos thinks the ‘ministry of truth’ should investigate…The Biden Administration?  This should be interesting…   
  • The leak heard ’round the world.  Who leaked the SCOTUS decision likely overturning Roe v. Wade and why? (Someone thinks they know)
  • Did I mention 2000 Mules?  Facebook, the Democrats, and a lot of the mainstream media doesn’t want you to see it.  They might as well beg us! 
  • Until next time, stay happy, healthy and free!

To listen to this episode, click here.


-JP Mac

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