Proposed: A COVID-19 Bill of Rights

As governments at every level infringe more and more on our Constitutional rights in the name of combating the Coronavirus scourge, at the very least they owe We the People, an acceptance of some reasonable limits on how they govern in our name during this crisis. 


The Citizens’ COVID-19 Bill of Rights

  1. Any restrictions of citizen’s right to freely assemble, worship, or engage in commerce must include a sunset clause. There must be a date given that the measure will either expire or be renewed based upon conditions at the time.
  2. For each measure that limits a citizen’s liberty, the issuing government must establish objective, quantifiable goals, that once achieved, automatically cause an end to that measure.
  3. Any business that can provide a workable plan that allows the conduct of business within established social distancing and other disease mitigation guidelines shall be allowed to conduct business under that plan.
  4. Citizens have a right to any approved treatment prescribed by a licensed physician that is available.
  5. Any governmental edict that would limit a citizen’s liberty or compels an action of any citizen with the intent of controlling the spread of, or providing treatment for COVID-19, must cite the data, studies, or research used in the decision to issue that edict.

What would you change or add to these proposed rights?

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