Plausible Conspiracy Scenario: Cabal Organization

Politics of Division

A conspiracy theory, cue eye roll! Yeah, I know, but nobody can deny that the current impeachment effort centering around the President’s call to Ukraine’s president suggests a level of coordination and planning beyond that of a simple, so-called whistleblower compliant. We know that there has been a concerted effort, sometimes overt, oftentimes covert, to derail the Trump presidency. Really, given what we’ve seen with the Mueller investigation-hoax, what’s crazier, a conspiracy or the absence of one?

The following is a theory about how the Trump impeachment effort centering around the Ukraine call could be an organized conspiracy.

It is likely that the cabal has at least a handful of people filling different roles in the conspiracy. These rolls could be filled by several people or individuals could play multiple roles. Operating as a spy ring, it’s likely that no member knows the identity of all the members. Some of the members’ main function will be to insulate other members of the cabal from identification and prosecution.

  1. Leader. Every cabal needs a leader to give the group direction and organize the members and activities of the group. Though the plans could be a group effort, this is the mastermind. The person recruits members to the conspiracy and contacts the recruits mainly through intermediaries.

  2. Deep-state coordinator. A holdover from the previous administration, this person or persons would be non-elected members of a government intelligence agency, most likely the FBI or CIA. This is an upper-level person with the power to place underlings in the White House.

  3. Deep-state member(s). A holdover from the previous administration, this person or persons are non-elected members of a government intelligence agency, most likely the FBI or CIA. The so-called “whistle-blower” is said to be a member of the CIA that was on loan to the White House. A secondary function of this role might be to vet potential new recruits to the cabal. Evidence shows that James Comey had an FBI plant within the White House.

  4. Legal expert. Lawyers who have read the complaint have noted that it is in a specific format with citations and footnotes used by lawyers and legal experts. It’s unlikely that the whistle-blower would have this level of legal expertise.

  5. Liaison with Congress. Rep Adam Schiff would be a slam-dunk for this position. He may even be the mastermind. Even if he’s not a part of the conspiracy proper, he certainly has contact with at least one of its members.

  6. Congressional functionary or staffer. Act as an intermediary between whistle-blower and member of Congress. Get ICIG “whistle-blower” form changed to make unsubstantiated claims easier to file.

  7. Informant Person or persons collection first-hand information on the President or other targets, basically a spy, and who provides that information to the conspiracy.


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