Plausible Cabal Scenario Pt II: The Conspiracy’s Objectives

Politics of DivisionA conspiracy theory? Cue eye roll! Yeah, I know, but nobody can deny that the current impeachment effort centering around the President’s call to Ukraine’s president suggests a level of coordination and planning beyond that of a simple, so-called whistle-blower compliant. We know that there has been a concerted effort, sometimes overt, oftentimes covert, to derail the Trump presidency. Really, given what we’ve seen with the Mueller investigation-hoax, what’s crazier, a conspiracy or the absence of one?

If there is a conspiracy surrounding the whistle-blower complaint, its obvious goal is to unseat the President, either by impeachment or by denying him reelection. That is not the only likely goal of the conspirators. They may have several secondary objectives.

  1. Knock Joe Biden out of the race. Biden is a deeply flawed candidate. The matters of corruption with regards to his son Hunter were always going to come up as campaign issues. He is also a veritable gaffe machine. This is where both Trump and Biden supporters have one thing in common, the ever-present fear of that one fatal gaffe. Where Trump just bulldozes though when he makes a bad tweet and his base is OK with that, Biden’s base sees their candidate’s public errors and cringe. This fear may be too much to bear for some Democrats, desperate not to see a second Trump term.

  2. Force Bill Barr to end his investigation into the genesis of the Russian collusion hoax. As solid evidence mounts that the DNC engaged in the exact sort of election interference that they have accused Trump of, Democrats and deep-state members of the cabal desperately don’t want any of it to come to light. If the DNC server that was allegedly hacked by the Russians turns up in Ukraine and gets into the hands of Bill Barr or Rudy Giuliani, the game is up and people could end up going to prison. Democrats have shown their hand in this matter and are already calling Barr to recuse himself from any investigation on Ukraine election tampering and/or acting in defense of Trump.

  3. Continue their mission to find dirt on Republicans. While the ouster of Trump his the Holy Grail for this cabal, their work won’t be complete until Democrats are in power. This means finding dirt on Vice President Pence, William Barr, and anybody else who stands in their way.

  4. Make it impossible for Trump to conduct foreign policy. The Democrats want to deny the President any further foreign policy wins ahead of the 2020 elections. If they can convince other foreign leaders that the confidential nature of their communications can’t be assured, that would devastate the President’s ability to conduct trade, peace, or any other kinds of negotiations unless in private and in secret. Personal diplomacy would have to be conducted face-to-face, and that would seriously handicap Trump’s ability to get anything done on foreign policy.

  5. Cover the conspiracy’s tracks. Upon successful completion of their primary objectives, the conspirators will have one final mission: Cover up what they did and erase any trace of their activities. Had Hillary won, it’s unlikely that the breadth and scope of Comey’s, McCabe’s, and the DNC’s alleged election interference ever have come to light. They have learned that if the Republicans retain even one house of Congress, their schemes risk being uncovered, making life for the cabal’s members very uncomfortable.  Also, the conspiracy may include elected officials, they must be insulated from any political repercussions. If the conspiracy were to be uncovered, any politician connected to it would need plausible deniability.

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