Plausible Conspiracy Scenario: Update

A lot has happened since the publishing of Plausible Conspiracy Scenario, Cabal Organization a couple of weeks ago. We can now list the names of several potential members of the conspiracy to depose President Trump. RealClear Investigations has revealed the name of the supposed whistle-blower and this person had contact with all the members It’s worth stressing at this point that though what’s described here is a conspiracy to depose the President, it is not necessarily, in and of itself, a criminal conspiracy. Though the actions of some of the conspirators may prove in time to have been criminal, no one yet has been indicted or convicted of a crime.

Many of the names such as Clapper, Comey, and Schiff are well known to those following the Mueller investigation and now the impeachment inquiry. Adam’s Schiff’s current star chamber exercise is just one of several overlapping conspiracies centering around the 2016 election. Some of the names are not so well known and the list seems to be growing every day. Some of the people named may have had a part in the Russian collusion hoax, but have not yet been connected to the House’s impeachment effort. The overall cabal of people who have had an active roll in either covering for Hillary Clinton’s gross negligence, Vice President Biden’s apparent corrupt dealings with Ukraine, and/or the current impeachment inquiry is quite large. Here, the focus is on the current effort to impeach President Trump over a supposed “quid pro quo” deal between Trump and Ukraine President Zelensky.

Leader: Unknown, but Hillary Clinton would have plenty to gain from deposing Trump, as would the leadership of the DNC. If not the acting leader, she could well have been the conspiracy founder or co-founder along with other potential leaders, James Clapper and James Comey. Clinton, of course, would like nothing more than to once and for all bury any investigation into her emails. The DNC was active in Ukraine and is alleged to have solicited dirt on Trump and his campaign especially Paul Manafort. We cannot overlook the possibility of Joe Biden being part of the cabal, probably as a co-founder, even though any talk about corrupt dealings with Ukraine would have to include him.

Deep-state coordinators: Former Director of National Intelligence.  John Brennan, former CIA Director, James Clapper, and former FBI Director Jim Comey All three were high enough to make things happen. They could place agents inside the White House or spy on the Trump campaign overseas. They had interactions with people both above and below them in the cabal’s hierarchy, including the so-called whistle-blower.

Deep-state member(s): Eric Ciaramella has been ID’d by RealClear Investigation as the whistle-blower. His name has not yet been released as the whistle-blower, but he certainly meets all the known criteria as far as being in the right place at the right time and he was a confidant of Joe Biden. He was purged from the White House back in 2017 as an accused leaker.

Legal expert: Mark Zaid, a Washington D.C. lawyer has been named as the whistle-blower’s attorney. Did he help Ciaramella draft the complaint into a legal document format?

Liaison with Congress: Rep Adam Schiff There’s no question that Adam Schiff is the public face of the current cabal to remove Trump. The only question is was he recruited by the conspiracy or is he a founding member?

Congressional functionary or staffer: Sean Misko, Abigail Grace, friends/ former coworkers of Eric Ciaramella from the NSC. According to the Washington Examiner: “Abigail Grace, who worked at the NSC until 2018, was hired in February, while Sean Misko, an NSC aide until 2017, joined Schiff’s committee staff in August, the same month the whistleblower submitted his complaint.” The most obvious reason for their hiring is to point Schiff at targets to be interviewed and to clue him in on their likely testimony.

Informants: Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, Alexandra Chalupa Vindman was on the July 25th call between Presidents Trump and Zelensky. In his testimony before Schiff’s committee, he makes the assertion that Trump asked for an investigation into Biden in return for releasing aid to Ukraine. Subsequent testimony has called this inference of a quid pro quo according to the Schiff narrative into question. Is he part of the conspiracy, or do his interests simply run concurrently with it? The RealClear Investigations piece mentions a tie between Alexandra Chalupa and Ciaramella: “And Ciaramella worked with a Democratic National Committee operative who dug up dirt on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, inviting her into the White House for meetings, former White House colleagues said. The operative, Alexandra Chalupa, a Ukrainian-American who supported Hillary Clinton, led an effort to link the Republican campaign to the Russian government.”

There will surely be more to come as more of the conspiracy is uncovered so stay tuned!

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