Is America Headed Towards Another Civil War?


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It seems that forces within this country are hell bent on rendering America in two once again.  Last time it was over slavery, this time it’s a struggle between those who believe the American political system and culture should be preserved, others believe our country is fatally flawed and needs to undergo a fundamental transformation towards socialism.  Extremist groups, some with the backing of the media and academia seem intent on exploiting our political divide for their purposes.  What’s worse, some groups disowned by both sides, have an agenda of hate that they wish to further.  Other groups like wolves in sheep’s clothing, practice the same kinds of political violence and intimidation that they accuse the other side of.  America is more divided politically than it has been for a long time.  Do you think America is headed towards a second Civil War?


2 thoughts on “Is America Headed Towards Another Civil War?

  1. I don’t see it as ‘black and white’ as you do, JP. It’s the two extreme, polarizing, sides that refuse to have faith in the system and working together to compromise for reasonable outcomes that will bring us closer to the possibility of Civil War. In the recent case, Charlottesville, that was made clear. Most of us, in the middle, reject violence as a solution and stood up in great numbers against it.


  2. I know that most of the agitators in Charlottesville were not from that area. The protests and the violence were not representative of their views. The main problem is that the mainstream media does not come from the middle, as you put it. They come from the left, and long since abandoned even the idea of being impartial. When you have a tragedy like in Charlottesville, there are very few people out to tell all sides of the story. To be clear, the driver that killed the girl and hurt all those others, and not representative at all of the right. Conservatives far and wide condemned not only him, but his twisted ideology. That is not good enough for most on the left, they were determined to associate him with the President and all of his supporters. I know the President is not racist, nor are the vast majority of his supporters, the idea is ridiculous, but the sheer weight of slanted reporting, coupled with the Democratic voices is bound to have an effect on their beliefs. The problem is not just the division of America– that has always existed, but there are forces that actively seek to widen that divide. So far, it looks like they’re doing a good job of it.


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