This Week’s LR Podcast Episode

I’m still mulling over topics for this week’s podcast. The election is over (sort of) so I’m thinking of revisiting some older topics since before the election started to dominate the news. Some of the topics I’m considering:

  • What ever happened to the Durham investigation? Now the excuse of influencing the election is no longer, what will Durham do? I’m hearing from several news outlets that the investigation is petering out, despite the fact that there is apparently plenty of evidence to indict several people.
  • One of my more popular posts is my proposed COVID-19 Bill of Rights. It seems to be newly relevant. We have politicians flaunting their own edicts and then of course you have the possibility of new assaults on our freedoms in the name of fighting COVID under a Biden presidency.

Or, maybe I’ll talk about something completely different. Maybe I’ll talk about something you suggest! Whatever it is, I’ll make sure to do my best to connect the stories to conservative/libertarian principles.

Until then,

J.P. Mac

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