LR Podcast S2, E48: Virtues of the Right

(c) 2022

Virtues of the Right:

  • Capitalism  Voluntary exchange of goods and services  Capitalists cannot succeed unless they are offering something of value
  • Life  Conception to natural death
  • Rule of Law/consent of the governed  Free, fair elections, one person, one vote.  Everyone is equal under the law 
  • Free speech  All points of view should be allowed to be heard. 
  • Individualism  Judging people as individuals. The rights of the individual. 
  • Citizen control of government Government through legislation, not regulation. 
  • Libertarianism, conservatism  Preserving the value of liberty. The government that governs least, governs the best. (attributed to Thomas Jefferson)
  • Equality of opportunity We are not born with equal abilities and strengths but have equal right to use them 
  • Private control of resources, production  Essential element of capitalism.  Fair and voluntary commerce. 
  • Natural (God-given) rights  Some rights are necessary to the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is not for any government to take them away. 
  • Personal responsibility The freedom to fail.  Mature persons understand the relationship between their actions and consequences and are expected to respect the rights of others. 
  • Ends in accord with the means Only just actions can produce just results. 
  • Truth stems from facts  There is an ultimate truth that is not subject to our passions and prejudices
  • Western Civilization Our civilization is based upon the principles borne of the Athens-Rome-Jerusalem triumvirate of social, moral, and political teachings

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