Green New Deal Economically Viable

A new study by award-winning economist Dr. J.J. O’Kecams makes a convincing case that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) ambitious Green New Deal would be revenue-neutral and might even pay for itself in 15-20 years. The comprehensive study takes into account a much wider range of economic activity, the worldwide currency markets, and foretasted buying trends of real estate, durable goods, unicorns and box office receipts for Avengers Endgame.

Dr. J. J. O’Kecams

According to O’Kecams: “The taxes from the extra revenue generated by climate-sensitive industries such as soy farming, solar cells, and unicorn ranching will offset losses in just about every industry.”

Not only will the GND promote growth in certain currently dormant industries he speculates, but it will almost certainly increase shoe production by the woodland elf community that has been hit so hard by deforestation caused by man-made global warming. He also sees an explosion in the horse and buggy industry currently dominated by the Pennsylvania Dutch. “The segment that stands to gain the most from the plan is possibly the Amish, which has already embraced the austere lifestyle that the Green New Deal would require.”

So, it turns out that the often-ridiculed set of measures known collectively as the “Green New Deal” that received nary a vote in the Senate, according to J.J. O’Kecams, will not only require less change from some than previously envisioned, it will promote a new era of economic prosperity for those who are ready to embrace it.


One thought on “Green New Deal Economically Viable

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