What really happened with the Covington teens in D.C.

Glenn Beck made a great video that gives the full story about the much-maligned Covington teens.

Glenn Beck made a great video that gives perspective and puts the incident between Native American activists, a group of black religious zealots, and a group of young men from Kentucky in its correct context. He asks that everyone that supports the teens share this video, and so I have gladly obliged. I’m not going to redo the narration provided by Glenn, but here’s the gist of it. The boys are in Washington D.C. for their school’s annual trip to the National Right to Life March. Being from a Catholic school, they were there to support the Pro-Life position. This is a position held by many conservatives. It’s not surprising then, that there would be some overlap between their political views and those of the President’s, hence some of them were sporting red MAGA hats.

So, you have a group of young, mainly white boys, wearing MAGA hats and a segment of video that shows a Native American activist, Nathan Phillips beating a drum inches from a group of the young men. One of the teenagers is smiling awkwardly at Phillips. That scene, which comprises about 2 seconds of a much longer video, set off a firestorm of media criticism and hate against the Covington teens. The fact that most of the boys were white, and many were wearing MAGA hats was all it took to provide ample confirmation bias for the Trump-hating left that has already proclaimed him and all his supporters as racists, homophobes, and xenophobes.

Glenn expertly debunks point by point, everything the anti-conservative propaganda claims the video clip shows. There was no “build the wall” chant directed at Mr. Phillips and his fellow Native Americans. The boys did not “mob” Phillips, nor did they block his “retreat” from the scene. You don’t have to take my word for it, or even Glenn’s. Please watch and listen to the video and judge for yourself. After watching the video, ask yourself” What was the motive of Mr. Phillips to say what he said, and what was the motivation of the mainstream media in spreading a demonstrably false story?

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