LRPodcast S2,E41: The COVID Crisis in its death throws

(c) 2022, Liberty Relearned

The COVID crisis is in its death throws.  As more and more countries relax or end outright their COVID restrictions, other places cling to and even increase theirs.  Leftists are trying to silence Joe Rogan under the pretense that he’s spreading COVID disinformation.   Like cornered, wounded animals, these places and institutions are lashing out at the public in a desperate attempt to maintain their control over the people. Some of the people have had enough, like the Canadian Freedom Convoy truckers, and legions of people around the world that have protested in recent weeks against vaccine mandates and vaccine passports.  In some cases, like that of the truckers, they’ve been unjustly and falsely maligned by their Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who desperately has tried to paint them as a fringe group of violent, white supremacist extremists.  Along those lines, GoFundMe used a small number of isolated incidents attributed to supporters of the Freedom Convoy as an excuse to suspend millions in funds meant to support the truckers. (GiveSendGo has offered to pick up the slack)

“I have attended protests and rallies in the past. When I agreed with the goals, when I supported the people expressing their concerns and their issues, Black Lives Matter is an excellent example of that,” -Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (That tells you all you need to know about what the Left truly values.)

For two years, authoritarians have used the COVID-19 crisis as an excuse to truncate the freedoms of ordinary people.  In the case of some countries, like Canada and Australia, the restrictions and mandates were applied to such an extreme that those countries forfeit their status as “free” countries. Long has the Left lusted after such power to try and reshape their societies, purging libertarians and free-thinkers from their midst in favor of a complaint underclass that will march lockstep towards a “great reset”, some fantasied collectivist utopia with them, the intellectual elite on top, of course, to guide us plebs to our assigned place in their great society.  For some, of course, the COVID restrictions simply offer a sadistic sense of control, the control being and ends onto itself. These are powerful motivations, and people who get a taste of such power are loath to give it up quickly or easily. They will cling to that power until finally, they can not rationalize holding on to it any longer, and we move finally on from a crisis mode to a maintenance posture and return to the nominal freedom we had.

Postscript:  As the COVID-19 crisis finally ends, the authoritarian Left will inevitably move on, probably quickly to the next one.  The lessons learned from COVID they will apply to some other crisis, probably having to do with climate change.  We who love freedom must learn from the Covid crisis too, and stand ready for what they have planned.

To listen to the episode, click here.

3 European countries ending COVID restrictions by Jacob Knutson, Axios 

Some Democrat-Run Cities Aim to End Vaccine and Mask Mandates by Jack Phillips, The Epoch Times


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