LR Podcast, S2E40: A global movement

(C) 2022, Liberty Relearned

United States, Canada, Czech Republic, Australia, Austria, Belgium, etc.  These demonstrations are now global, and common. This has to be the biggest political/human rights movement since the massive anti-communist movements of the early 1990s. Perhaps nothing in Western Civilization today is more hated than vaccine mandates and passports.

An anti-vaccine mandate/ vaccine passport rally in Washington, D.C., one of many worldwide.

Justice Stephen Breyer will be retiring from the Supreme Court. How will his departure affect Court decisions going forward? What sort of justice should replace him and what sort of justice will?

Canadian truckers have convoyed to the capital city of Ottawa to protest vaccine mandates.  Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau will definitely hear them, but will he listen? I read and comment on Rich Calder’s article in the NY Post from Jan 29th entitled: “Trucker ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests Justin Trudeau’s vaccine mandates

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JP Mac

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