LR Podcast, S2E49: Don’t say Disney

(c) 2022

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Don’t say Disney… So, of course after Florida Gov Desantis signed the Parental Rights in Education bill, HB 1557 into law, the woke leadership of Disney have gone nuts.  In the media it’s been inaccurately portrayed as a ‘don’t say gay’ bill. In reality, it’s a ‘don’t corrupt our children with non-age-appropriate instruction on sexuality, gay, straight, or otherwise’ bill. Disney, which specializes in children’s entertainment, is oddly cool on the subject of corruption of minors.  In fact, the corruption of children may just be official company policy.

An article, Swimming Against the Tide, Disney Takes Wokeness to a New Level from Real Clear Politics, sums up Disney’s expectedly woke agenda. Quitting Disney might be hard, they’re ubiquitous in popular media.  They own ABC, the Marvel MCU, and Star Wars.  Boycotting Disney “proper”, the movies, the theme parks, especially if you have young kids, might be a place to start.

Meanwhile, the Russo-Ukrainian War (as I’ve dubbed it) is still going strong, long after anybody, especially the Russians, thought it would.  Why did it start and more importantly, how will it end?

Did you miss an episode?  Covid is over as a crisis, everyone but the most stubborn control freaks realize this.  On this subject, I humbly recommend checking out my podcast “The COVID crisis in its death throws” from last month.

Until next week,

Stay happy, healthy, and free.

-JP Mac

To help with Ukrainian relief (These are trusted, well-established charities):

        Catholic Relief Service (CRS), Ukraine relief

        International Committee of the Red Cross, Ukraine relief

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