LR Podcast, S2E50: Avoiding a food shortage

(c) 2022

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It’s not the sexiest of subjects for the conservative or libertarian, but agricultural practices and distribution do have an effect on our everyday life.  It doesn’t tend to be a problem in the West, because actually, we’re quite good at it.  When war threatens the production and distribution of food worldwide, then it becomes a problem, and we must take notice and immediate action. The answer, which may be surprising to some, it to let the free market/capitalist system do its thing.  In the podcast, we go over an article from the Heritage Foundation that provides suggestions on what the U.S. Should, and shouldn’t be doing. Spoiler alert!  The answer isn’t greater interference from the central planners in D.C.

Our government must correctly identify our priorities.  If you’re looking down the barrel of a worldwide food shortage, maybe the priority should be food production.  Asking the current administration in Washington to set its green agenda aside in favor of a greens agenda may be a lot to ask, but we have to get this right, not just for our sake, but for the sake of billions across the globe. We can revisit the need for an electric car in every garage and a windmill on every street corner after we’ve dealt with the potential of mass starvation.

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J.P. Mac

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