Earth Day 2015…One more thought.

How does the large-scale redistribution of wealth clean the water and the air?
How does the large-scale redistribution of wealth clean the water and the air?

One more thought about Earth day and the environment.  There is so much talk about climate change, formerly global warming.  What ever happened to fighting pollution for the sake of having clean air and water? Seems to me, reducing pollution is its own reward.  So why focus on climate change alarmism?  Reducing pollution seems like a pretty straight forward proposition, if human activity creates waste, that waste should be disposed of in such a way as to not harm the environment.  It is something that can be measured, and often the benefits are immediately apparent.  I suspect this is why the Left  does not wish to keep the focus on cleaning the environment and why they prefer to talk about climate change.  They prefer us to subscribe to some malleable, nebulous theory that cannot easily be tested, and to enact “solutions” with no immediate payoff, no way to judge in a timely manner if the prescribed measures are working or not.  Climate change is deliberately hard to quantify, it is in fact almost completely subjective. I’ve never heard anyone explain just what the correct climate should be. The Left have appointed themselves the arbiters of climatological correctness.

They spread their dire predictions and declare an “emergency”.  We have to act now, before it’s too late they say. Could it be that they want us to act now, before we figure out their game?   Let me take a stab at it… I posit this theory:  They have decided that when certain measures have been put in place, they will declare the crisis averted.  Many of these “certain measures” they are calling for though have more to do with wealth redistribution than the actual control of pollution.  Apparently the act of wealthy nations giving money to the less wealthy ones, many of them with corrupt governments, will have a cleansing effect on our atmosphere.  Giving money to Al Gore and his friends will have a stabilizing effect on ocean temperatures.  It is a scam,  a shakedown.  The real urgency for the Left is getting gullible nations and corporations to go along with this before they figure out the swindle. Controlling pollution is fine, even necessary, but when you suggest the answer has something to do with the redistribution of wealth on a large-scale, you lose me.

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