The Northeast Enjoys the Primary Spotlight

PHILADELPHIA-  The Northeast finds itself in unfamiliar territory, in the presidential primary spotlight.  On Tuesday five states:  CT, DE, MD, PA, and RI will all hold meaningful primary elections.

Ted Cruz Philadelphia

The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA attracted two GOP hopefuls and hundreds to two separate events in the span of a week.  On Tuesday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) made an appearance, holding a rally that also featured former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

On Sunday, the National Constitution Center held another event– Fox New’s America’s Town Hall.  Several hundred people attended the event that attracted the likes of Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) and via satellite, Senator Cruz, who was campaigning in Indiana.  The candidates took questions ranging from matters of national security to college tuition assistance from audience members and from online followers.  Though mainly a GOP partisan crowd, the candidates did take questions from Democratic voters.

John Kasich
John Kasich, (R-OH), presidential candidate
America's Town Hall Phila
PHILADELPHIA- Hundreds gathered for a town hall meeting hosted by Fox News.

The presidential primaries are usually settled by the time many states in the Northeast vote.  This year is different, this year each of the United States will figure into the nomination of both GOP, and to a lesser extent, the Democratic candidates.  This means frequent visits from candidates from both the parties.  Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders along with current Republican front runner Donald Trump have all held events in the Northeast.

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