LR Podcast S2E1: “We the Government”

Welcome to season two of the Liberty Relearned Podcast!

The President’s SOTU Address aka Biden’s “We the Government” speech.

  • The target audience apparently was those who lack critical thinking skills and the economically illiterate
  • Why was a bunch of people who have all been presumably immunized against COVID-19 wearing masks at the SOTU?
    • The message the President was evidently trying to send was you still need to wear a mask. He would tell you it was leadership by example.
    • The message most people heard was: “Immunization gets you nothing.”
    • The real example was pointless obedience to government edicts
  • The $4.1T in new spending.
    • The “Infrastructure” plan. (talked about at length in episode 51.) Congress using the same “bait and switch” language in describing it. They’re selling it as an infrastructure plan, but what you really get is about 7% infrastructure and the rest Green New Deal crony capitalism.
      • Biden’s plan to pay for all sorts of child care and education expenses would cost according to some estimates, $1.8T. That’s on top of the proposed $2.3T in infrastructure. That’s a total bill of $4.1 trillion. To put that in perspective, the US brought in $3.46 tr in tax revenue in 2019. That means that if 100% of ALL income taxes collected went JUST to those two schemes and nothing else, $0 for military, $0 for FEMA and other emergency relief, nothing but those two items, we could not pay for them. Assuming a national debt of roughly $28 tr: If we dedicated 100% of tax revenue to pay down our existing debt, it would take about 8 years. If you believe that raising taxes on the rich and corporations would cover that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you. This means, either Biden is an economically illiterate fool, or he thinks you are.
  • We the Government…
    • “Our Constitution opens with the words, “We the People”. It’s time we remembered that We the People are the government. You and I. Not some force in a distant capital. Not some powerful force we have no control over. It’s us. It’s “We the people.” – President Biden
    • “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state”―Benito Mussolini
      • The two sentiments mesh pretty well, don’t they?

You can listen to the newest episode be clicking here.


J.P. Mac

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