Quick Thoughts, 3/22/16

Quick Thoughts EagleThe two completely different Anti-Trump movements

Anti-Trump protesters come in two breeds:  Conservatives who are for the First Amendment and the democratic process, and Liberals who aren’t. Republicans that don’t feel like Trump represents their beliefs and/or can’t win the general election and want to nominate someone else.  Their energies are focused on beating him a the ballot box, or at least the convention.  The other group is the far-left.  They really don’t feel like Trump represents their beliefs and are afraid that he just might win the general election.  They are not interested in beating him at the ballot box, they are interested in stopping him by any means necessary, including denying others their rights to freedom of speech or freedom of assembly.  They bear the ironic name ‘liberals’, though there is really very liberal about what they are about.  True liberals are for freedom, these liberals a liberal in name only.  Maybe we need to come up with a new name, a more befitting name, like Progressives, or better yet, Fascists.

Stating the obvious:  ISIS is committing genocide.

Thank you Secretary Kerry, thank you President Obama, for finally stating the obvious. After years of wantonly killing everyone they could not subscribing to their hateful brand of Islam, especially Christians, Yezidis and Shia Muslims, the U.S. has officially declared this genocide.  Apparently, the Obama Administration had to make sure that actually calling what ISIS was doing genocide had no further legal implications for the U.S., like actually stopping it.  To be fair, we have been battling them, just not with the clear objective of stopping the genocide before it becomes complete.  Recognizing there is a problem is the first step in solving it.  Better late than never, unless of course, you’re already among the dead.

Kasich the Spoiler

Call it vanity, call if a fool’s hope, but Governor John Kasich remains in the race to the Republican nomination even though he has no path to victory at the ballot box.  He could not win the nomination even if he were to win every remaining state.  His only hope is for a contested convention.  His only hope is that the establishment picks him over two candidates with more popular support within the party.  Among the parties that stand to benefit by him staying in the race are Trump Supporters and the Democratic Party .  Don’t expect any Sanders supporters or Soros sycophants to disrupt his events, they love it that he stays in the race.

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