Should we not turn from the course we’re on…

Election 2016

Imagine America continuing on her present course.  What would that look like in 5-10 years?  What if the fundamental transformation started by President Obama were to be locked in and even expanded upon?  The number of entitlement programs and our national debt would explode.  Our military would lose its ability to serve as a deterrent. Our sphere of influence would diminish, as the spheres of those who don’t have America’s best interests in mind would expand.  The culture we refer to as “Americana” would cease to exist, replaced by a perverted, dystopic version of itself.

One thing is clear from listening to the Democratic contenders, the number of things that Americans have a “right to” would go off the charts.  They assert that everyone has a right to free healthcare.  The planned obsolescence of Obamacare would serve as an excuse and opportunity to move to a single-payer system.  Higher education would become a right.  Someone would have to pay for that, and of course it would be the wealthy, who the left claim don’t pay their fair share.  Of course, progressives have named themselves as the arbiters of fair share.  Every special interest group that the Democrats pander to have something they want in exchange for votes.  Whatever they want, will quickly be deemed a ‘right’.

“Doing more with less,” has long been the mantra for military planners.  Under continued liberal leadership, that may soon become “doing not enough with less than adequate”.   The left has always been skeptical of the military.  While progressives increasing declare there is no military solution to the worlds problem, other countries will have no problem with enacting military solutions, even if our allies, or possibly even our own forces are on the wrong end of their solution.  Weakness is provocative.  If the world seems a dangerous place, just wait until our adversaries become emboldened. Expect a Crimea or Syria every year.

The President during his last State of the Union address told us that terrorist organizations while a danger to the region, don’t pose an existential treat to us.  This is based upon fallacious logic.  He derides their power to harm us because they drive around in pickup trucks equipped with machine guns.  The notion is completely wrong.  It’s wrong because it assumes that an existential threat can only manifest itself militarily.  A German citizen might tell you different.  Germany is facing a very real existential threat from a horde of migrants from the Middle East who refuse to assimilate.  More than that, they expect the host nation to change their culture to accommodate them.  Some of these so-called refugees have taken to violent means as witnessed by the attack in Paris last year.  The vast majority of migrants have arguably been much more effective in supplanting Western culture without force of arms.  New Year’s Eve celebrations were marred by scores of sexual assaults, even rapes.   Now there is open talk in Germany recommending that native German women alter the way they dress and act as to not provoke more attacks from Middle Eastern men.  Sharia law has become the de facto local law in parts of France.  When countries are forced to make fundamental changes to their culture it suit an alien one, the existential treat can be said to have succeeded.

We can extrapolate from the past and see our fate as suffered in the present by other countries well enough to forecast what an America dominated by Progressive thought and rule would look like. We know what happens when we expand the entitlement state—more debt, less choice.  Last year, Greece was brought to the brink of bankruptcy by progressives promising more than the state can afford to gain votes.  We know what happens when a superpower allows it influence to wane, others come in to fill the void.  We can see in real time, the very identity of countries being altered under the crush of multiculturism.  Migrants who assimilate into their adopted country’s culture make that country stronger.  When this not the case, that country as it has existed, maybe for centuries, gets swallowed up by the alien one.  The history of the world is replete with examples of this. From ancient Greece, to Rome, to Russia under the Tartar yolk, to the Spanish conquistadores in Latin America, cultures without the will or strength to survive are subsumed by those who do.   Turn on your TV and you can see the beginnings of this, not on the History channel, but on the evening news.  Like Scrooge in the Christmas Carol, we have been shown a glimpse of our possible future.  Will we be moved as he to change our collective direction, back to what we were as better people, or will we sleepwalk into the liberal abyss?  The good news is it’s not too late yet to change, but the first Wednesday in November will be.

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