No shortage of constituents

Election 2016So, you hear what’s going on in places like Texas and North Carolina with edicts from the governmental left about transgender bathrooms and such.  You wonder why all the concern about trans-gendered bathrooms all of a sudden.  Then on top of that you hear that they represent .3% of the population.  That’s three people in a thousand that can even possibly be affected.  So why this issue and why now?  Simple, it was their turn.

The modern Democrat M.O. is to identify a subset of Americans, find their grievance (or invent one on their behalf) and advocate for it.  They missed the biggest group, African-Americans.  They were on the wrong side of the slavery issue, and later they were on the wrong side of the civil-rights for blacks issue.  They’ve been trying to make up for it ever since. Problem is, despite what the left would have you think, there just aren’t a lot of victims left out there, none that are suffering due to a lack of sufficient laws anyhow.

With all of the more egregious forms of discrimination either disappearing or illegal, Democrats are forced to seek out more and more exotic victim groups.  They’ve gone though the L’s, the G’s, the B’s and are now have worked their way to the T’s.  After that, it will be some other group. It may be some group that you didn’t even realize existed, much less required advocacy.  One thing is for sure though, there will always be another victim-constituency.  For Democrats to survive, there has to be.  The great irony is that sooner or later, they will be advocating for some new victim group that they themselves have created.  Now that Christians are being exterminated in the Middle East they could even make the list.  War on Coal picHillary Clinton now seems to be interested in giving unemployed former coal miners green jobs.  Of course the only reason they are out of work and thus “victims” in the first place is because of the oppressive regulations that are destroying the coal industry.

There is hope then, even if we elect another Democrat president.  Eventually, the Democratic left will have destroyed so many segments of America that every special interest group, even those currently out of favor, will enjoy victim status.  When that time comes, the Democrats will be ready to swoop in and save the day.  Who knows?  Maybe they’ll even make a victim-constituency out of conservative bloggers and their readers.  We can only hope.

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