News Brief

RL New Brief
All the news fit for me to comment about.

So much has happened in the last 72 hours it makes your head spin!  Here’s a (very) brief summary of recent news events…

Election 2016

On Wednesday, Governor Bobby Jindal (R) of Louisiana announced he is a candidate for president. He strikes me as a smart guy who knows how to deliver the conservative message.   He comes across as a true believer in America and wants to save it.  “I’m not asking you to simply join my campaign, I’m asking you to join a cause,” he declared during his announcement speech. As is the case with many of the Republican candidates– his message is great, but he lacks the funding and organization to make a serious run.  Nothing short of a flawless campaign for as long as he can keep it going will gain him the nomination.

Supreme Court Chaos Pt. 1

Two landmark cases came down this week, both will have far-reaching consequences, not just on the surface with the outcomes, but also with regards to how our republic will continue to function in the future. Thursday, the Supreme Court determined in King V. Burwell that the plain meaning of words within a statute can mean whatever they want them to mean in order to get the outcome they desire, in this case the legality of certain Affordable Care Act tax subsidies. This decision ushers in an “ends justifies the means” era of jurisprudence.   Does Justice Roberts realize that he just made the Court all but irrelevant as a means of upholding the Constitution?  Apparently upholding legislation, even horribly written legislation, is more important.

Supreme Court Chaos Pt. 2

The next day, they were at it again, this time with a ruling that allows gay marriage in all 50 states. Critics have pointed out that this was likely going to happen eventually, one state at a time.  “Marriage Equality” activists couldn’t wait for that to happen, nor apparently the SCOTUS.  Ignoring the 10th Amendment that gives the States the right to decide this matter on their own, the Supreme Court skipped to the end of the movie and produced an ending of their own. The problem was not the outcome, which like it or not, was going to happen eventually.  Most likely, Western civilization will not be destroyed if we have gay marriage.  We might have to redefine the word “marriage” in the dictionary, but that will be the worst of it.  The problem is how the decision was come about.  Again, the ends justified the means in this case, that’s not how our legal system is supposed to work.

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