Don’t worry, the new Star Wars is Safe for Conservatives.

*Unless this is the first Star Wars movie you’ve ever seen, no spoilers here*

Star Wars VII The Force Awakens, by Disney studios is a throwback to the original trilogy.  There is no anti -capitalist message like in Avatar.  Big business is not cast in the roll as the villain as in The Lego Movie.  There’s not the same sense of confusion as to what makes the good guys good and the bad guys bad as with other movies.  The newest Star Wars is an allegory to the WWII era struggle between fascism and democracy.  Like in the original trilogy, the bad guys have no problem with killing innocents by the billion.  The good guys try to stop them.

Feel free to leave your political shields down.  There’s no dubious message in this film, it just a great movie well worth seeing.

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