LR guests on Political Storm podcast


Thursday, I was a guest on Political Storm’s weekly Real Politics With Real People show.  It was a great honor to be on the panel discussion hosted by Jon Saltzman. The show is a new weekly feature on created to, “Discuss one subject a week together by a panel of Political Storm Contributors with diverse political opinions.”  This week’s topics were the midterm election and the Kavanagh confirmation hearings.  It was an enjoyable discussion with some pretty knowledgeable fellow guests representing a good portion of the political spectrum.  It’s really one of the few places on the internet where you’ll find civilized political debate, which of course why I recommend you plug into Political Storm to get a wide range of political discourse.

To watch, click Here.

I hope you’ll check it out then tell me how I did.


–  JP Mac

3 thoughts on “LR guests on Political Storm podcast

    • Thanks. There are so many places online where mindless arguments are made on both sides, and there are plenty of places that engage in “meme warfare”. I don’t care if you’re solid into you’re position, I’m a true believer in mine. What matters is that you have to be able to explain it rationally without all the nonsense. That’s why I chose to affiliate myself with outlets such as Political Storm. I hope they’ll keep inviting me back!

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      • That’s why I follow your blog… I’m left of center and you’re right of center … and I respect your views. I’m going to follow Political Storm FB Page. I also follow Independent Voter’s FB Page (IVN) for the same reason.


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