LR Podcast #35: 2020 Year in Review

Winter: The year 2020 started out with the impeachment of President Trump on totally specious charges not meeting the Constitutional standard. It was all downhill from there.

Spring: The world gets hit with the COVD-19 pandemic. At the time, we knew very little about this novel virus and the information we were getting from China where it originated wasn’t and still isn’t reliable. So, it with the lack of good information, scientist and our leaders went with bad information. That leads to virtually every country in the world except Sweden going through a series of economically devastating lockdowns. Sweden for its part, looked like after a very rough spring, was going to beat the virus. The advent of the cold-weather months and longer nights brought an end to that respite and now Sweden and most of the rest of the world is seeing a resurgence of cases.

Summer: As spring gave way to summer concerns about the lockdowns gave way to social justice concerns thanks mainly to the George Floyd killing. Demonstrations over religious and economic freedoms ended and became demonstrations against police brutality. These demonstrations were quickly co-opted by the radical Marxist group, Black Lives Matter (BLM). Demonstrations that would be peaceful during the day would turn into violent riots and looting at night. Mayors and Governors of blue cities and states respectively seem unwilling or unable to control the violence and devastation.

Fall: The virus was knocked off the front page due to civil unrest started to come back, but mainly the front pages would make mention of the presidential election, the recounts, and the ongoing litigation over alleged election fraud. SCOTUS effectively decided that following the Constitution when it comes to making election law, is optional. One wonders how long the Union can be maintained when half of the population cannot trust the outcomes of elections.

Winter: The sequel to our winter of discontent has begun and our accumulated troubles still persist in one form or another. The good news is we now have a vaccine that looks very promising, the bad news is that in some cases, it’s the social justice warriors that will be in charge of its distribution. Though 2021 promises to look much better as the vaccine becomes more and more available, we can expect a rough first quarter.

Listen to the whole 2020 YIR here.

Thanks for listening this past year! Hope you’ll listen next year too.

J.P. Mac

Suggested reading: The Perversion of Science, Ben Shapiro.

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