LR Podcast, S2, E23: A trip to the grocery store

On the podcast last week I talked about Gen Millie. Since then he threw his boss under the bus, contradicting Biden’s assertion that none of his advisors recommended leaving some troops in Afghanistan. Still, no one has accepted blame or been held accountable or the Afghanistan debacle.

A trip to the grocery store

I got into my SUV, the same size as a large car, but designated as a truck to get around CAFE standards. Burned gas made more expensive in part by Biden’s war on fossil fuels, Found some items in low supply or out of stock because of supply chain disruptions due to Covid policies paying people to stay home and not work. Waited longer in the checkout line because unvaccinated workers were fired due to Biden’s vaccine mandate.  Protecting the vaccinated from the unvaccinated??? Really?
More on this later*

I paid more at the checkout due to inflation, inflation due to man-made shortages, and out-of-control deficit spending. And the Democrats in Congress want to spend trillions more!

* You have two workers…  One with some immunity to COVID due to vaccination, another, unvaccinated, but with superior natural immunity due to a recent case of COVID.   The immunized gets to keep their job, no problems.  The other must submit to weekly COVID tests or lose their job, despite having natural immunity. If neither poses a significant risk to others, and the only appreciable difference is the presence of a vaccine in one of their systems, why does one have to jump through hoops to stay employed?

For more on these topics, listen to the Liberty Relearned Podcast here.

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JP Mac

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