LR Podcast, S3E6: The War Against the Armed Citizen

(c) 2022

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The new war against armed citizens

In the wake of several high-profile mass shootings, and chronic gun-violence in cities like Chicago and Philadelphia, both Biden and Trudeau are calling for a raft of new anti-gun legislation.

President Biden wants Congress to pass “common sense” gun legislation.  He says it won’t infringe on 2nd Amendment rights.  Huh? A June 3rd Article in Fox News outlines his plans.

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has predictably jumped on the anti-gun bandwagon.  Though the recent mass shootings did not occur in his country, he nonetheless has proposed legislation that would “freeze” gun sales in Canada.  A recent article in Breitbart, Justin Trudeau Moves to Ban Purchase and Sale of Handguns in Canada, gives the details.

Funny, these leaders are talking about having fewer guns, but not fewer mass-murderers.  It’s almost as if they were trying to solve a problem other than the legions of psychopaths our upside-down secular society has produced that commit these heinous crimes.

Biden’s latest anti-gun rhetoric makes sense, the midterm elections are coming up and the Democrats have no accomplishments to run on.  Trudeau’s anti-gun proposals are curiously timed and may be more telling of what the ultimate goals of both leaders is.  To understand what they’re ultimate goals are, one merely needs to ask:  What plans for their respective countries do they have that can only be done, or more easily be done, with a disarmed citizenry?  Trudeau and other leaders of Commonwealth countries, namely Australia and New Zealand have already shown their hand during the pandemic.  They want a more authoritarian form of government.  They want to implement a form of 21st Century Eco-fascism.  Ditto, our President, though it’s more his party than him who expect to benefit.

Disarming the citizenry has never produced a safer nation.  Quite the opposite, it enables forms of tyranny.  Disarming a population has never ended with the people of that nations being freer. Never. Once. Ever.

Further reading:  When a Population is Disarmed:  A Brief History of Tyranny, American Gun News 2017

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Stay happy, healthy and free!

JP Mac

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