LR Podcast, S3E27: Election Special 2022

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What is the end goal of the leftist Democrats?  What would they do with the power they seek?

Utopianism   The left believes that men should be ruled by experts.  All matters of health and welfare should be determined by unelected officials.   This was most clearly seen during the recent COVID pandemic. Elected officials yielded power to unelected officials to determine how we should live.  Utopianism, carried to its logical extreme is totalitarian in nature. The only choices in life would be those per-approved by the state.  Someone, a member of an elite class, will determine what is good for society, the state, and you.  Democracy won’t mean the people will get to determine how they will be ruled, only which of a few pre-selected candidates will be serve in various capacities.  There are no natural “rights” in a utopian society.  The totalitarian society will run on a series of privileges doled out for correct behavior, and punishments for bad behavior.

Control A totalitarian system must have mechanisms to control the people living within them.  Many of these controls already exist in crude, but constantly refined and augmented forms.  The CCP in China has a social credit score system.  Privileges, such as where you can live, work, and go to school are given according to behavior favored by the Party. Privileges can be revoked as well for behavior deemed non-beneficial to the Party. In the West, the system of Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) has been developed to control the actions of corporations and governments. A corporation’s ability to access critical services like banking and access to capital under ESG is determined by their ESG score.

Things like ESG already control the behavior of individuals indirectly. The aim of the Utopian Left is to extend this sort of control to the individual level. Examples of this can already be seen in such things like vaccine passports and mask mandates.  The reliance on technology will be used as a point of control.  Access to things like education, online commerce, and entertainment will be subject to an ever-increasing array of rules and regulations.  In order to partake in the modern lifestyle, people will be made to trade their freedom and privacy for goods and services.  Heath, spending, energy consumption and location will all be monitored through technology sold as convenience.   Direct control over individual commerce though digital currency is part of the Left’s ultimate control plan.  Anyone living in today’s world scarcely need and example, as the means to exercise such control already exists, only the organized implantation, directed and executed by the ruling elite remains.

Until next time,

Stay healthy, happy, and free!

-JP Mac

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