LR Podcast S3E28: Post-Midterm Special

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So, what happened with the election?

The Democrats will retain control of the Senate, Republicans will probably control the House.

According to an NBC News exit poll, most of the people who voted weren’t fans of President Biden, but the election seems to have been only indirectly a referendum on his performance. Most of the people polled were voting primarily on Inflation (31%) or Abortion (27%). Crime, the next most important issue for Republicans seems not to have been important enough in blue districts to make a difference.

The US Senate race between Fetterman and Dr Oz is a good example of why the Democrats have been fighting for extended early voting. They wanted as many people voting before the debate between Oz and Fetterman. Fetterman, who suffered a stroke earlier in the year was in no shape for a debate. Would the people who voted for Fetterman before the debate have voted for him after? We’ll never know, but it’s likely that at least some who did wouldn’t have.

As far as elections go, Arizona has become the new Florida. Florida had become the laughingstock when it came to running elections during the Bush v Gore fiasco in 2000/2001. Now Florida has cleaned up its act and is now a model of how elections should be run in the US. For the second major election in a row, Arizona has failed to finish counting ballots and declaring winners, long after almost every other state has finished counting theirs sufficiently to declare winners and losers. If a party were going to cheat, (not saying anybody did yet) they’d certainly have an easier time of it in Arizona. If a party or candidate were going to pull any shenanigans, legal or illegal, they’d have ample time and opportunity to do it in Arizona. –We’ll just leave it that!

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Stay healthy, happy, and free!

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