LR Podcast S3E38: The Biden Scandal and the WEF

(c) 2023,

There are currently two different news stories that we need to talk about this week.  The first is the Biden document scandal.  This is at once a Joe Biden and a Hunter Biden scandal.  Classified documents continue to turn up at Biden places of work and home.  Why were they there?  What’s in them?  We know at the very least that Hunter had access to them, as they were kept in the same garage that houses a Corvette that we have pictures of Hunter driving.  The Penn Biden Center was funded in part by entities connected to the Chinese Communist Party.  This is something that the Republican controlled House will be interested in finding out.  The FBI was made aware of some of these documents back in the fall of 2022, before the midterm elections.  Why wasn’t the public made aware?  

The other major thing going on in the world this January is the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. The WEF’s preoccupation continues to be with the climate change and engaging in climate change alarmism.  Going through their website, there is a lot of discussion this year about the effects of inflation, inflation that WEF backed policies helped to create.  Their conclusion is that people are buying too much stuff and there’s not enough of it, totally forgetting to mention the large part that money printing contributes to the problem. Again, they totally ignore their own polices that hamstring the energy and agricultural sectors. 

Has the power and influence of the WEF reached its zenith?  Evidence is starting to suggest that maybe it has. There’s even an article published by CNN Business that talks about the waning influence the globalist institution has on national governments.  Meanwhile, Dr. Jordan Peterson announces on Joe Rogan’s podcast, (mentioned in an article appearing in Just the News,) that he is putting together a consortium of thought leaders on the subject of how to solve the big, global problems without resorting to people losing their liberty or destroying their counties’ economies. 

Until next time,

Stay healthy, happy, and free!

-JP Mac

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