LR Podcast, S3E48: Easter Message 2023

(c) 2023,

Last year, I wrote Easter Message 2022. This year I repeat that message, but with emphasis on different areas.

From last year’s Easter message:

“Easter reminds us that just as Jesus was reborn as a higher eternal form of himself, that we can and must strive to do this same. Life and freedom are the twin gifts the Creator has given to us. As one or the other becomes diminished, their restoration, rebirth, resurrection, once started becomes a force of nature. As we will it, death gives way to life, fear to courage, and oppression to freedom. Become one with that force of nature that demands the scales be re-balanced in favor of our Divine right, and perhaps achieve in the process, a rebirth to a higher form of spiritual life.”

This year, we still find ourselves at the very begining of a greater renewal cycle. Leftism and collectivism have been in the ascendancy, but this cannot last. History shows that the pendulum swings from the left to the right, from liberal to conservative. Different people, different parts of the world find themselves at different points in this cycle. Some have rebounded towards greater liberty and independence, while other continue to hurtle downwards like a meteor.

The Easter season gives us hope in the renewal of the world. We hope for everlasting life in the next world, we must deal with the cyclic nature of this one. The Easter Mircale gives hope and strength to those who believe, and our knowledge of history shows us of the small and great cycles of life from the individual to the that of society, to that of civilizations. With strength, wisdom, and grace, we may enjoy sooner than later, the ascendency of freedom and rationalism.

Until next time,

Stay healthy, happy, and free!

-JP Mac

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