You’re only a notional person to them.

From this week’s podcast…

After Alvin Bragg took a sledgehammer to the idea of equal justice when he indicted former president Trump, now Soros-backed prosecutor is on the radar of Conservatives, and fans of law and justice in general, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner, and not in a good way. An article in Just the News describes that a St. Louis judge to appoint special attorney in contempt case against Soros-backed prosecutor. Soros apparently believes that too many people of color are being accused and convicted of crimes, so he’s decided in the name of equity, to back with millions of dollars, prosecutors and DA’s that won’t be hard on crime and in prosecuting less criminals, create equity for what are believed to be oppressed minorities. His approach fails to protect the victims, many of whom are also people of color and their communities. Far away from the reality of the dystopia they’ve helped create, and insulated from their bad decisions, the leftist elite see you as just a notional being, something to be manipulated and controlled with their perverse carrot-and-stick approach.

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