LR Podcast, S4E1: The Left’s Abuse of Language

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Welcome to Season 4!

If you thought your ideology or argument were superior, you probably wouldn’t feel the need to change the definition of words or use terms in ways outside of their common usage. You would not feel the need to use deceptive language.

Clip from LR Podcast, S4E1: The Left’s Abuse of Language

When Democrats talk about “white supremacy” what they usually are referring to is actually Western Civilization– Free market capitalism, meritocracy, and Judeo-Christian values. How do you think they can rationalize a black, Latino, or Asian person being a “white supremacist”? It is leftist doublespeak. ⁠#doublespeak ⁠⁠ An article in Just the News⁠ talks about President Bidens attempt to gaslight people into believing the worst threat to America is white supremacy. To most of us, that seems ridiculous. Other problems like fentanyl, the border crisis, or Chinese aggression in Asia would seem like greater threats. That’s because when those on the Left talk about “white supremacy” or “systemic racism” they are using those terms in a different way than most normal people do.

Ponder this and remember the Left’s misuse and outright abuse of words is done out of the weakness of their argument.

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Stay healthy, happy and free!

-JP Mac

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