LR Podcast, S3E49: The Long Suffering Parler Users

There’s nothing in the statement to reassure the Parler users to stick around, because what comes will be better than ever. How many times will Parler users have the rug yanked out from under them before they jump ship for Truth Social, Getter, or a kinder, gentler Twitter? I don’t know what sort of company Starboard is, and I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but the ham-handed way they just took down Parler is not a good start.

LR Podcast S3E46: Is America (Still) Really a Free Country?

President Biden has emulated Obama's penchant for ruling by executive order. He's used executive orders to continue with President Obama's war on fossil fuel. He's also abused his executive order power do create vaccine mandates and forgive student loan debt. Only a few things stand between him and Trudeau levels of tyranny, our Supreme Court, our currently GOP held House, and a few red state governors.

LR Podcast, S3E43: The Pros and Cons of a National Divorce

(c) 2023, Should red and blue America get a #nationaldivorce?  The idea of a national divorce between red and blue America has been around for a while now and US Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from GA has been a big proponent of it since 2020.  An article from 2021 in the NY Post outlined some of … Continue reading LR Podcast, S3E43: The Pros and Cons of a National Divorce