Welcome to Liberty Relearned. pt. 1

Welcome to Liberty Relearned, pt. 1

I have long considered starting a conservative blog.  Like many Americans, I want to voice my opinions, make criticisms, and offer solutions to what I see going on in America.  There are so many of them though, and the idea of putting my thoughts in writing for everyone to see was worth careful consideration.  In the days just before and after the passing of the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare, conservative and libertarian organizations and blogs sprang up like wildflowers in the summertime.  These ranged in quality and content from the ranting of conspiracy theorists, to slick, professional journals.  I was not sure that in this bumper crop of libertarian/conservative leaning blogs that my voice might not get lost.  If I was going to start a blog, it could not be just another conservative blog, by another guy venting his frustrations at the government from behind a keyboard.  It would have to be something a little different, have a different angle.   My blog would be where my fellow Americans could learn, or relearn about the cause of liberty. 3Amflags

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