Hillary is in. What difference will she make?

Finally today, the biggest non-story of the 2016 Presidential race– Hillary Clinton is running.  To paraphrase her:  What difference will she make?  Well, potentially a lot, and probably not for the better.   She was the architect of “Hillarycare,” an even more oppressive system of health care than Obamacare.  I think we can count on her to revive this monster if she gets elected.  I can’t think of anything she did of consequence while Senator.  Can anybody?  OK, she did support the Iraq war.  Anything else?  We might be thankful if her stint as Secretary of State was as inconsequential as her Senatorial career, unfortunately she was able to do some real damage before she left.  First was her “Russian Reset” effort, she gave the Russian Foreign Minister a mislabeled  prop reset button and agreed not provide Eastern Europe with missile defense.  Putin said “spaciba very much” and a few years later helped himself to a large chunk of the Ukraine.  Four Americans died on her watch, killed in Benghazi, Libya in a foreseeable terrorist attack on our consulate.  She broke her own rules by saving her State Department emails which belonged to the American people on her own private server. She accepted money on behalf or her charity from foreign entities while Secretary, creating at a minimum the appearance of a conflict of interest. How much of those dollars served as de facto campaign contributions? I wonder.

If she campaigns according to the Democratic playbook as we can expect, she will attempt to convince Americans to trade freedom for comfort.  She will attempt to sell the notion that the only way the average middle class voter can get ahead is through a program of wealth redistribution.  To the statist, things like liberty and the Constitution are simply obstacles  to be circumvented  and Hilary is a confirmed liberal statist.  No increase in American liberty therefore can be expected if she is elected President, quite the opposite.

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