No Need For Republicans to Wish for Hillary’s Quick Exit.

Some on the Right see what’s happening with the Hillary Clinton campaign and wonder if her candidacy will be over almost as soon as it began. It may be, but strategically it may be better for the Republicans that she bravely soldier on to be bitter end rather than call it quits. Though the Schadenfreude might be delectable, having a weakened Hillary might be preferable to a strong second choice without all the baggage.

The pundits continually cite the polls that have Hillary ahead of any likely Republican challenger. If the polls had her ahead by double digits they might have a point wishing her gone now, but they don’t. There have been no face to face debates, no serious ad campaigns to cut into her lead. Does anybody think she could out-debate a Ted Cruz, or a Marco Rubio? Does anybody think that even with billions of campaign dollars, they can do anything to Scott Walker that hasn’t already been tried and failed? They say the Democrats have no “plan B”. This early in the campaign, to wish for them come up with one does not work to the Republican’s advantage. Better for the candidate the GOP has game-planned for to stay in as long as possible. Once the public has had a chance to see both of them side by side, the polls will mean something then, any decent candidate should be even or ahead by then. The last thing the Republicans should want is for the Democrats to switch horses this early in the race and have that candidate inherit all Hillary’s donors and campaign apparatus. The voters would have plenty of time to adjust to the new political landscape.

The best-case scenario from the Republican’s point of view, should Hillary step or be forced aside, might be for the Democrats to make their switch at or close to their convention. If they choose to let a wounded Hillary limp across the line to the nomination virtually unopposed, that would also work well for the GOP. Despite what the polls say at this early date, Hillary is eminently beatable. She evidently has convinced herself that the only reason she is not President right now is because Barack Obama got into the race. Maybe. Her ego will not allow her to face the fact that she is just not that good of a politician. Hubris will not allow her to step aside, no matter how high the scandals pile up.

What accomplishments does Hillary have to put in her campaign ads? She says the wants to be our champion. A champion is supposed to be the best, without equal in their field. She was supposed to be America’s champion in foreign policy. The world has a foreign policy champion. Unfortunately for us, he resides in the Kremlin. Seven years ago, she was knocked out in the semifinal round by another Senator who out campaigned her. A good retail politician with new ideas and a more positive message to share with the American people can beat her. The Republicans have a beatable opponent. They need to show a little self-confidence on their part while the self-destruction continues on the part of Mrs. Clinton.

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