Benghazi Select Committee Democrats Waste Their Time with Hillary

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The Select Committee on Benghazi was created to find out the facts about what happened on September 11th 2012 when four Americans, including ambassador Chris Stevens died in a terrorist attack. The concern most conservatives had before the long-awaited session with Hillary Clinton began was would the Republicans squander yet another opportunity to get meaningful answers on the record from the witnesses they called, or just grandstand in front of the cameras trying to get a sound-bite on the news.  Thankfully, for the most part, they controlled themselves and stuck with meaningful, substantive questions.  No so much with the Democrats, who have renewed their accusations that the hearing were politically motivated, after House Speaker hopeful Kevin McCarthy suggested there was a causal effect between the hearings and Hillary’s plummeting poll numbers.

Again and again, Democrats on the Benghazi Select Committee decried the fact that $4.7 million has so far been spent on the hearings, suggesting it was wasted.  The idea that the Democratic party, they party of Bernie Sanders and his multi-trillion dollars’ worth of campaign promises, and President Obama with his billions worth of “investments” in crony capitalism,  was making a big deal over a nearly 5 million on the committee is almost laughable.  With one of their own in the hot seat, the Democrats suddenly took an interest in fiscal responsibility.  Most of the questioners from the Democratic side spent more time bad-mouthing the proceedings than actually asking questions.

The Democrats spent a lot of time accusing the Benghazi hearings of being political.  They said they were wasteful.  They were right, but it was they who politicized it.  It was they who wasted their and the public’s time complaining about the hearings rather than actually pursuing the stated goals of the committee they were a part of.  Maybe, if they spent more time asking questions meant to uncover facts regarding the incident instead of whining about the whole thing, we might have gotten some more insight into the State Departments failings that left four Americans dead.

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