LR Podcast topic: More Left vs. Right

In each podcast, I try to cover one current events topic and one concept of conservatism. For the segment that I focus on teaching about conservatism I’m thinking of going into greater detail about the differences between right and left. I keep thinking of more differences, I hope I can fit this in to one podcast! Here’s some of what I came up with:

The Left:The Right:
More GovernmentLess Government
Death (via abortion and euthanasia)Life
Mob rule Rule of Law
Speech codesFree speech
Government control of citizensCitizen control of government
Authoritarianism/totalitarianismLibertarianism, conservatism
Equality of outcomeEquality of opportunity
State control of resources, production (socialism/communism)Private control of resources, production (capitalism)
Rights stem from governmentNatural (God-given) rights
Victim mentalityPersonal responsibility
Ends justify the meansEnds in accord with the means
Feelings determine truthTruth stems from facts

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