LR Podcast #15: Divide and Conquer

In the newest episode “Divide and Conquer” I talk about how the Democrats try to peel off Trump supporters using a divide and conquer strategy. They attempt to paint him as a racist and they are going after a core conservative ally, the NRA. The Democrats are trying to drive down support for the NRA by accusing them of “self-dealing”. Meanwhile, the Republicans go after a core Democrat constituency, the black community. What for the conservative is the alternative? There is none, and there needn’t be since President Trump has exceeded the expectations of conservatives on many fronts.

Getting back to the NRA, their importance cannot be overstated in this time of civil and moral upheaval. 2020 unfortunately, has turned out to be the best commercial for the 2nd Amendment we’ve ever had.

You can hear more about these topics by listening to the podcast here.


J.P. Mac

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