LR Podcast Episode 19: Dystopia Now

In this week’s podcast: An Australian woman was recently arrested for daring to post online a call to protest her state’s draconian lockdown measures. Is this a preview of what would happen under a Biden presidency? President Trump is smeared in the press with unsubstantiated allegations that he disparaged our veterans. They did the same sort of thing to Kavanaugh, so this should come as no surprise. The CDC has put out that only 6% of “COVID deaths” were solely from COVID-19. I’m more interested in the other 94% and what that should tell us about who should get the vaccine first. Speaking of vaccines… Why is Kamala Harris trying to sow the seeds of doubt about any vaccine developed under Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed”? It seems a bizarre political tactic to invest politically in a vaccine’s failure, or even to discourage its use.

To find out more on what I have to say on these subjects, click here.


J.P. Mac

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