LR Podcast Episode 24: Truth or Consequences

VP Pence wins the Vice Presidential debate against Kamala Harris. Accusations of plagiarism continue to dog the former VP who was accused of plagiarizing a speech from a British Labour Party minister. Pence also challenged Biden’s claim that he would not raise taxes on the middle class, pointing out that most in the middle class saw their taxes fall under the Trump tax plan. Pence also pointed out Biden’s inconsistency on fracking and the rest of the Green New Deal. Biden has claimed that he would end fossil fuel production, which is incompatible with his claim that he would not ban fracking, which is practiced in swing states such as Pennsylvania. The most devastating moment came when Harris refused, as her running mate has, to answer the question of support for court-packing.

Also, I remind listeners about the Democrats and Never Trumpers war-gaming a coup-plot to overturn a Trump win in November. Of chief concern is the declared intent to hold the election hostage in order to extract concessions from the Republicans such as Puerto Rico statehood and disbanding the electoral college.

To hear more on these topics, you can listen the podcast here.


J.P. Mac

PS. apologies for the audio, which is crappy at some points. No problem that can’t be solved for next week with about $50 in new gear!


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