If our constitutional republic were a human being, it would be being rushed to the ICU right about now.

Losses of the Senate, and apparently the White House too, violence at the Capitol do not bode well for our country. Here a some quick thoughts:

  • Today is a dark day for the republic. It looks as though Democrats will seize control of the United States government. If they follow through on their plans to end the filibuster, pack the Senate by adding one to two new states, then pack the Supreme Court, and institute eco-fascism in the guise of the Green New Deal, America’s status as a functioning constitutional republic will be at an end. Soon, the kind of people we fought wars to keep from taking power in America, will have the power. #prayforAmerica
  • While Congressional Republicans were busy trying to save the Republic inside the Capitol today, a huge crowd grew outside. The protest as they say, was ‘mostly peaceful’. A small number bent on causing a scene stormed the Capitol, and several had to be arrested. Though their anger was righteous, their actions were not, and hurt their own cause. President Trump thanked his supporters and asked them to leave peacefully so that law and order could be restored. The damage is done though and the violence committed by a tiny minority will be portrayed by the mass media a being representative of all Trump supporters. These misguided people let their emotions get the better of them, and that played right into the hands of the left-wing media. They gave them the political violence they wanted and hoped for.
  • Also worth noting: One can read or watch more conservatives condemn the violence from their side in six minutes than left-wingers did during the entire six weeks of nearly continual political violence that was committed by their side this past summer.
  • People posted online posts cheering for the Democrat wins in Georgia. These people don’t have any idea what they are celebrating. Lots people in Venezuela cheered when Hugo Chavez won too. Most of them are not cheering now.

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