LR Podcast Episode # 41: When the Bill Comes Due

Would the Impeachment trial of President Trump in the Senate amount to an illegal trial by the legislature (bill of attainder)? Prof. Alan Dershowitz argues this point in a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. Remember the term, you may hear it again very soon.

The politicians and mainstream media are happy to see us squabble over whether the personal payments should be $1400 or $2000 because it means we’re not looking at all the other things in the bill including blue-state bailouts. While many really need the money, it will not come without a cost. It will come at the cost of the most regressive of taxes, inflation. We should then think of every stimulus check as a shot of tequila: It may make you feel good in the near term, but you can expect a hangover in the morning.

For more on these topics, click here.


J.P. Mac

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