LR Podcast Episode #43: Free Speech Special

Parler is back! A small victory in the war for free speech. Why were they canceled in the first place? Gina Carano finds new life after being dissed and dismissed by Disney. Cancel Culture faces a setback. Rush Limbaugh (RIP) drove the left crazy, mainly because he exposed their games.

What Does the left’s war on free speech say about them?

  • Their arguments cannot withstand debate.
    • The left succeeds though manipulation of emotions. (facts vs. feelings)
    • The right would do well to remember that feelings are real to those who feel them. They must get better at tying facts to feelings.
  • The left’s tendency towards atheism precludes the notion of “God Given” or natural rights and so creates a philosophical dilemma for them.
    • A main difference between right and left are the notions of negative and positive rights
    • The more they embrace Marxism, the less the left can speak of God-given rights. So when they say things like: “Healthcare is a human right.” Who is giving them that right if not the Creator?
    • God must be replaced by the state; God must be canceled.
  • The left are control freaks.
    • They believe that they are capable of making the world a Utopia in their image. This requires gaining control of the populace, and inevitably leads to authoritarianism, totalitarianism, fascism.
      • “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” –Benito Mussolini
      • Nothing of value exists outside the leftist dogma
    • For Twitter, the left’s taking out of Parler removed (temporarily!) the competition. (Convenient) It was a business move cloaked in righteousness.
    • Their need for control is expressed as “cancel culture”
      • Gina Carano could not be allowed to speak. Her cancellation was to serve as a warning to all who do not toe the leftist line. The message is clear: Do not deviate from the prescribed dogma or face swift, brutal, punishment
      • We must fight cancel culture though development of parallel economies, institutions, and yes, thought tactics like boycotts and buycotts,

The death of Rush Limbaugh, and why the left absolutely hates him

  • As with Trump (who they also despise), Rush saw through their machinations and called them out on it.
  • It may come down to pure jealousy. While the left publicly reviles figures like Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump, they secretly covet that sort of power. (Remember, the left thinks of everything in terms of power; who has it, who does not.)
    • The left’s obsession with power hinders their ability to develop that sort of figurehead for their movement. It always comes down to the Bolsheviks vs. the Mensheviks battling for supremacy.

For more on these subjects click here.


J.P. Mac

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