LR Podcast, Episode# 49: Easter Message 2021

Easter Message: At this time last year, it must have felt like we’d never get past the pain and sorrow associated with Good Friday, and go on to the joy of Easter, at least not in our everyday lives. When we think of Good Friday, we think of Jesus’ scourging, his pain and suffering on the cross. We think of the immense grief his mother and followers must have felt. Many of us were going though our own pain, bearing our own crosses. Coming at the height of a global pandemic, for many Easter 2020 might have seemed like a weak balm for their sorrows. It was a time of fear and uncertainty. In America, our own government broke its most sacred covenant with its people and stripped the rights of religious freedom from many of us. We had undergone the loss of employment, the ability to be with our friends, and even may have lost loved ones. At this time of year, we celebrate a different covenant, not one with our leaders on Earth, but our Father in Heaven, one which can never be abridged or revoked thanks to his son’s sacrifice on Good Friday. Because of that sacrifice, we can celebrate Easter Sunday.

After a Good Friday year we can at last, celebrate an Easter year, a year of rebirth and renewal. We slowly return to normal, just as the world slowly returns to life in the spring. Imagine being one of those first few witnesses to Christ’s return. The sheer joy they must have felt! This year, with the grace of God, we can witness the return to some sense of normalcy. Just as Jesus’ followers rejoiced at being reunited with their friend and teacher, having (for a short time) lost him, we can look forward the return of being with our friends, relatives and fellow worshipers. This year, we may dare to keep the spirit of Easter in our hearts, long after the official season of Easter has past.

God bless and keep you.

J.P. Mac

How this relates to everyone:

  • We are in a cycle of renewal and rebirth when it comes to the COVID-19 crisis
  • We started in the autumn of normalcy, then we entered the dark season that marked the death of normalcy and freedom.
  • We are now entering into the spring, where freedom and normalcy are slowly coming back to life, thanks mainly to the vaccines, and of course, the return of nice weather in the Northern Hemisphere. In America and in other countries by the end of the actual spring, there could be enough vaccine availability that anyone who wants to be, will be fully vaccinated. At that point- Who would we be maintaining the restrictions and mask mandates for?
  • The summer will come. In many countries, COVID deaths plummeted in August, 2020. This year, with the vaccines, we could be racking up “goose eggs” in some states and countries– days, maybe even weeks without a single death.

Be cautioned! When it comes to the chronic, existential crisis of keeping America a Constitutional Republic, we are in the autumn. With faith in ourselves and the Creator, this too shall pass. Christians and Jews have endured much greater tyranny than what some of our current political leaders have in mind for us. Some of it, very recently. Keep the faith, spread the Word, and endure.

Even the non-religious should beware, religious freedom is a low-hanging fruit for those engaged in tyranny. All that we consider “natural rights”, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness; the First, Second, Fourth and Fifth Amendments are in danger.

But for now, enjoy the blessings of rebirth and renewal, even beyond this Easter season.

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