LR Podcast: 1st Anniversary Special

The Liberty Relearned Podcast is one year old!  In this special podcast, I’m replaying a variety of segments from the first year of the podcast. The outtakes cover a range of topics from COVID-19, leftism, Cancel Culture, and of course, conservatism. Here are the clips: 

  • Conservatism Explained, American vs. World Conservatism Explains American Conservatism and how it differs from conservatism in other countries. 
  • Tyranny Down Under is a cautionary tale from Australia and how their draconian COVID restrictions were affecting personal liberty in that country, and what we might see here that would be similar. 
  • From the 2020 Christmas Special, What the Founders believed– Focus on John Locke and the theory of natural rights
  • Bring the Troops Back Home  Why did we need all those troops and a barbed wire fence around the Capitol? Political theatre. 
  • Bigots From the first episode dedicated to the topic of bigotry.  Cancel Culture is a form of bigotry. 
  • Bigotry Revisited What if the left applied critical race theory (CRT) to themselves?
  • Free Speech Special (clip 1) What does the left’s war on free speech say about them?
  • Free Speech Special (clip 2) Facts vs Feelings
  • Thanks for listening!  

You can listen to the 1st Anniversary Special here.

Thanks for listening this past year. I hope you’ll stick around for season 2 of the LR podcast starting soon!

J.P. Mac

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